Starring, Mr. Digby himself:

Digby in April 2009. This is when he was living in a field for a year.

Digby being chased by Phil, April 2009.

Digby in NY, February 2010. Our first real ride :)

Hanging out, assessing the indoor in NY

Digby in March 2010, with his turnout buddy Gene.

March 2010.

March 2010. :) So Handsome!

Our first show! Beginner hunters, because of our lack of lead change. In NY, April 25, 2010.

I went to college to get an education. Digby went to college to learn that bowing = carrots.

Sleeping in his field.

I love this face. <3

Rubix (on left) and Digby. They're BFFs.

Foggy Digby.

Melissa riding May 2010, just jumping 3'6". No biggie.

Camo, Digby, and Blade.

Digby's thinking look.

Digby and his liveout BFFs.

Left to right: Joker, Blade, Digby, Camo

Camo and Digby grooming. <3


Digby, meet the Tetz Family Clydesdales (and Dobbin!). August 2010.

Digby and Dobbin sharing some nom's.

I love.

Digby in his new home back in PA, August 2010.

Waiting to be ridden. September 2010.

Begging. October 2010.

Body clip star! November 2010.

Showing January 2011.

At his new home, April 2011.

April 2011.

June 2011.