Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful for...

I believe that you don't need a specific day to be thankful. You should be thankful for what you have every day of your life. I try to. But, tis the (turkey) season, so I'm thankful for...

Digby. The lovely wild hony beast and the reason I'm writing this blog today. He may be lame (though he's less and less lame lately, even on 12+ hours of turnout a day without shoes!!) but he's still his same old personable self. He makes me laugh. I'll have had him for two years in February but I've known him for much, much longer! Love you Dig My Size!

Miss Midnight. Aka the little dog. I waited 24 years to get a dog. Finally got one and she's pretty much perfect. We rescued her from the SCPA in March. Not much history on this girl but she was apparently around 2 years old, a lab mix and rescued from a puppy mill. People say you don't rescue a dog, the dog rescues you. I'm not sure who rescued who honestly but she's worth waiting 24 years for. <3 Oh but she's technically my dads... don't tell!

Fluffy. Aka fluffy cat, miss fluff, fluffers, fluffernutter and fluffaluffagus. Possibly the only good thing to come out of my last job (being a barn manager in NY). I stole her when I moved into the house across the road from the barn. Someone dropped her and her kittens off shortly before I started working at the barn. Her kittens got good homes. She remained a barn cat. Who meowed when you opened the fridge ever hopeful for some milk... it broke my heart. (She still meows when you open the fridge :) in case you were wondering) She's a big, cuddly, gorgeous thing and makes me smile every time I see her.

My friends, family, and all their pets. Being safe and healthy. We've all got food, clothing and roofs over our heads. <3 Enough said.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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