Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vet update!

Just had the vet out earlier today to finish off Digby's yearly shots and discuss our finalized plan for coming into work.

Digby was given the ok to start hand walking if I felt the need in April. I'm planning on hand walking and /or ponying him on trails. He's also given the ok to start riding in May! YESSSSS! :) We're still not allowed to jump (sigh) obviously but he's allowed to be ridden. I just need to keep track of his weight and the footing like we talked about before.

I'm also starting him on a course of Pentosan. I'm not starting it today because he just got his shots but I will in a few days. We talked about Pentosan, Adequan and Legends and decided that we would start with Pentosan. I'm also supposed to give him a vit/min supplement once he goes off grain instead of a ration balancer because it's less calories. I asked for a specific one she recommended but she said find a really expensive one and look for something cheaper with the same things in it. Ha! Ok. She also recommended putting shoes back on and starting him on 1/2 gram bute per day once he goes back into work. I asked about ulcers being on a long term bute management course and she said try it and if he doesn't like it, we'll put him on Previcoxx and treat it with Gastroguard and then leave him on a ulcer preventative supplement.

All in all, a good Digby day. :) I have newer pictures but for some reason my computer is being stupid and won't let me upload onto here. Sorry!


  1. SO EXCITING!! all my fingers and toes are crossed for you guys!

  2. Thanks Alli! :) I couldn't be happier!