Friday, November 21, 2014

My last post was in February 2013. That needed to change.

Here's some photo examples what Digby has done from February 23, 2013 until now.

Basically, been his same adorable self that he always has been! I'm not going to write a 17 page long blog post about what I've done since, apparently, February 2013 because I probably could. It just feels a bit excessive, you know? We're back in PA. I am no longer employed at the job I had my last blog post. I'm pretty happy about that! He's happy as a clam in his new digs. I've been busy/away for work/OMG COLD for a solid few weeks so he has been majorly neglected since the move back to PA, minus short visits of treats being stuffed in his mouth, a few rides, and some petting. That will change (hopefully) after this weekend!

I still love Adequan. Still love oral supplements, though he isn't on a hoof supplement anymore oddly enough. Digby's done FABULOUSLY in his bar shoes, although in August we transitioned him into regular steel shoes with just a half pad wedge. I'm not as huge as fan so he'll probably be going back into bar shoes with a full pad for the winter. He's sound. He's blind in one eye. He's also a super star.

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