Friday, May 29, 2015

Sweet Sixteen

Digby turned 16 on May 27! Where does time go?! He got his favorite treat (Pop tarts, as picutured) and he thought that was prettyyy awesome. 

Then came the bad news. The dentist had alerted me this winter when he came out to do Digbys teeth that his incisors were slanted and in need of a float with power tools. Between me working nights and 54 hours a week, the dentist and the vet, we couldn't get all our schedules together until now. The vet came out and gave him a sedative. Digby then got his teeth "fixed." The end result?

A drunk hony. Since he was pretty darn sleepy, I took advantage and pulled his mane and cleaned his sheath. Two tasks that are not his favorite but I figured he'd appreciate me doing while he was barely awake versus completely alert. In reality, his birthday probably sucked for him. I'm not sure poptarts and love make up for sedation, power tools, mane pulling and sheath cleaning. I didn't ride and opted to hose him off (sedation = sweaty pony) and graze for about 20 minutes. Hopefully that was good! 

So tell me your thoughts on sheath cleaning, people. Yay or nay? I've heard more recently that it's not necessary but I guess old habits die hard because I try to clean his at least twice a year. Does anyone's horse try to kill them? Is your horse tolerant of it? Mares count in this conversation too! Udder cleaning can be quite an event as well! 


  1. Happy bday Digby! (Even if it wasn't actually the best day ever lol). Idk about sheath cleaning - I always thought it should be done once/twice yearly but apparently opinions vary widely. As for my mare, despite being generally quite opinionated she doesn't seem to care about her udders. Go figure.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I think his day probably wasn't great but I figure he was drunk so maybe he won't remember?! Haha.

    I'm glad your mare doesn't mind!