Thursday, July 28, 2011

Career opportunities for a bay 12 year old Thoroughbred gelding...

Digby was officially upgraded to turnout 12 hours a night in his tiny little pen last Saturday. Yay! Much rejoicing! I'm not entirely sold on the fact that it was due to his soundness because he has been sound at the walk for a while now. I'd have to guess it's more likely due to my safety, his safety and the safety of anyone who handles him that it's best for him to go back on turnout. He's very, very pleased by this decision. In fact so pleased that he managed to escape the other night during some wicked thunderstorms. The horses were left in due to torrential rains and some fairly scary winds and other fun thunderstorm things. Digby having clearly heard the night before that he was allowed to go out all night now, decided to take things into his own hooves when he did not go outside at the correct time. He was found happily grazing next to the lesson ponies the next morning, no harm no foul. His stall door remains completely in tact so how exactly he got out in the first place is anyones guess. Personally, I'm thinking he's been watching me snap and unsnap the double ended snap that holds his door closed for weeks now and has mastered it... :)

The next step is riding! He gets a reevaluation around the middle of August and then the vet will say I can or can't ride. This has me thinking about what Digby's next job should be. I've gotten several opinions from those who have seen the images of his hoof that he should probably not be jumped any longer. As well as his congenital bipartite navicular bone, he also has navicular changes like a normal horse with navicular. Basically, it's degenerative so if I wanted to, I could continue to jump. But as a responsible horse owner (and moral person!), I simply can't justify jumping him knowing that it will essentially shorten his working career and eventually his ability to even be pasture sound. This leaves me wondering... now what? Does Digby want to become a driving pony? He's pretty cute and has pulled a sled a few times without much fuss. But he can get kind of spooky... so maybe a dressage pony? But he's not built that well for dressage and tends to get bored with flatwork even if I don't mind it. What about western pleasure? He'd look SUPER cute all decked out in western tack and I think I'd like all the bling... but who's ever heard of a Thoroughbred western pleasure horse? Not saying we couldn't be the first! I've toyed with the idea of being a trail horse mixed with some dressage... but Digby thinks walking/trotting trail rides are a total waste of time. When do we get to gallop and jump? Trail rides are basically out of the question generally. Haha oh Digby... it's always an adventure. Any ideas on what Digby's next job should be? Besides giving me kisses for all the treats I bring, obviously!

Also, if you're reading this, feel free to comment at the bottom! Digby loves attention :) I'll be sure to tell him you commented!

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  1. polocrosse? gaming? endurance? lots of options :) so excited to hear digtastic is turned out again! YAY!