Sunday, July 31, 2011

He's got a donk. in booty, not donkey. Add donkeys to the list of things he dislikes. Donkeys = pure EVIL, according to Digby.

Well, I had a very cute clever blog about Digby and how he's doing... and Blogger ate it. So, in a much more boring explanation, not much is going on Digby wise. But that's his little pen. Pretty small but he's very happy going out all night, every night. He has a shed to go in, which is just off to the right. He's been partying pretty hard with the ponies over the fence and has some battle wounds.

There's a large cut under his lip as well.

Other than that, lots of treats, lots of grooming, lots of nothing. His likit toy is fixed and he was SO excited that they had returned! He's getting rechecked in about two weeks for soundness so until then, life is pretty boring. I see him every day but now that he's going out, he's less thrilled to see me. Hay is obviously way more interesting than me..... unless I have those extra tasty treats. Then I'm pretty cool. :)

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