Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall is the BEST!

Fall is hands down my favorite season. Between the gorgeous leaves on the trees, football season, the relief from the hot weather and of course I love my bud light and hot wings to go along with the football games, how can you not enjoy the season? Halloween is a pretty awesome holiday too. I just love everything about it.... except that it means winter is coming.

Shudder. Winter. Now, from an weather point, I can handle the cold, snow and ice. What I can't handle is the lack of turnout for the horses, the stuck inside for months on end (has anyone else noticed that the three months of summer are WAY shorter than the three months of winter?!), the boring drabness of it all. Both Digby and I prefer to be outside in an outdoor than in an indoor. Digby feels its an excuse to be wild and spook at everything because he has no pretty trees and horses to look at. I just think staring at the same four brown walls and brown footing for three months just gets booooring. Does anyone have a plan for staying motivated to work your horse when it's 30 degrees out all the time? Any ways to spruce up the "indoor blahs" that we all seem to get every year?

I suppose in the mean time, I'll enjoy my bud light and as much football season as I can watch. Digby's going to enjoy the leaves. :) It's back to turnout during the day soon which means 8 hours of turnout versus the 12 he's getting now but that's all. As far as riding goes, not much difference. I'm going to Kentucky for work in about a week. I'll be there for 10 days so you won't hear anything from me and Digby won't be getting much (if any...) work. But I'll keep you updated this week and expect a "Grooming Tip Tuesday" tomorrow!

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