Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick update!

Digby is chilling in his stall, ready to be bored for the next 5 days while I'm packing to go to Kentucky for the next 10. I spoke with the barn manager and the main trainer to let them know where I'm going to be, the dates I'll be gone, what to do in an emergency in case they can't reach me. It feels good to have plans. I also spoke to the main trainer about the dreaded "what if he doesn't get better?" topic. We seem to be on the same page. I've figured out what the problem is, given him time off, and done some treatments to help fix the problem.... with limited success. There are certainly other things to try and do but realistically, he was free and I don't make a lot of money with a barn job. I can't validate spending much more money on a horse that was free. I'm secretly hoping that he blows out a giant abscess while I'm gone, but my gut feeling says not happening since he was back sore in the days before we went lame. We chit chatted about it for a bit and both decided it was a good idea that if he wasn't sound by the end of the month (October) that I would move him. Sigh... I dislike this idea greatly as I LOVE where we are so much but I'm not sure what else there is to do. I will certainly still ride where I am but I can't afford to keep a lame horse there. It's too expensive. The barn manager and main trainer both know that and are very supportive about it. I'm going to start searching for a field to put him in for around 6 months to a year.


  • A large field with friends (at least two other horses/ponies. Digby likes lots of friends)
  • Grass to eat, not just dirt/mud
  • Good fencing (please, not a ton of broken fence boards or unsafe fencing!)
  • Cheap (yeah... enough said. At least as cheap as possible)
  • Doesn't need indoor, outdoor or trails
  • NEEDS A GOOD, CARING OWNER (example, owner of property cannot be an idiot who has no idea what colic is, or what needs the vet called out vs what doesn't, or doesn't care enough to water and feed the horses every day)
  • Preferably close to my house or work but I'm willing to drive further if it's a truly awesome place
Anyone know of anything? Again, I DO NOT want to move him. I'm praying on my hands and knees he gets sound and stays sound. But he's miserable inside on stall rest and I'm miserable that he's miserable. If he's unsound when I get back from Kentucky, I'm just going to find a field that meets the above requirements and give him at least 6 months off to let him play with friends, be a horse and then think about what the next step is. :(

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