Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Slow updates...

Not much to say! I had a very busy weekend at work, as well as some "normal life" stuff, so I haven't been doing much with Digby. I just curry him off and pick out his feet and let him be a horse. I've asked him to stand still, say yes and say no a couple of times just to do something but otherwise we've had a lazy weekend.

We're in the slow process of switching him over to his spring feed. I'm feeding 3/4 senior feed and 1/4 ration balancer. It's been so warm that I'm doing this a little sooner than I'd like to of but he's at the perfect weight now so probably by mid March he'll be on just ration balancer. We'll see how it goes!

The current barn leasee/manager is staying until April! So I think I will still move him but not till the beginning of April. This makes me a feel a little better and have some time to think and analyze the situation. Yay!

Digby and the herd grazing last week.

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