Thursday, February 23, 2012

USEF Small Hunter Division

Read the article here. 

I'm super excited to hear that there is going to be a Small Hunter division again! While Digby can no longer jump so he's not too interested in it, I'm thrilled! The article goes on to say that it's a 3' division, open to juniors, ammies and professionals. The horses allowed to compete with be between 14.2hh and 15.2 1/2hh. I think it's wonderful that these "honys" (like Digby) who were too small to do the bigger shows but aren't ponies now have their own division.

Personally, I have little to no desire to compete in horses that are 16.2 hands + just to be competitive. I'm 5'1" and pretty tiny. I look RIDICULOUS on a 16.2 horse. I look a bit silly on a 16 hand horse if they're built like a tank. While I'm fantastic for selling horses because I make everything look huge, it's just that I... make everything look huge. I'm much more suited for the 14.2-15.2 height range. I'm more comfortable on horses this size, I look better on them and they're usually a little bit more in my price range since there's a lot of people who can't ride them.

I'm very excited and hope that this division does well in the shows! :) Is anyone planning on showing in this division? Or know anyone who will?

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