Sunday, June 10, 2012

Life ain't always beautiful...

To quote the Gary Allan song... "Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride."

Work at dusk...

My life has been crazy lately. Between work problems and home problems and Digby's board going up (although that happened about two weeks ago).... Ugh. I am READY for Monday! Let this week be over!!

In between all these messes, some truly wonderful things have happened.

1) Digby is still sound. I have no plans on bringing him back into work at this time but perhaps once summer is over? He tends to do best in fall/winter months. The wheels are turning in my head... :)

2) I still have a job. I'm not sure I was ever close to losing it but at this point in my life, with this economy, and the lack of jobs, I'm still happy to have one. Even if it does occasionally (or more than occasionally, depending on the week) suck.

3) As you may remember, I was lamenting about the fact that with Digby's board being raised, I could no longer half lease at my previous barn. It's the one I currently lesson at and there's a horse who is a bit quirky but I adore. With the board being raised, it was just out of financial reach. Due to an extreme show of kindness, an eventing friend has graciously donated a few extra bucks that will allow me to half lease for the summer months. I have no words. I am so touched by the support of a fellow rider that I literally cannot describe how thankful I am. I can only say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

4) I get to go to work, play with baby horses all day, and come home to a gorgeous fluffy cat and a loving dog. My horse is happy, healthy and still comfortable. My leased horse (don't worry, I will blog about that shortly!) is AWESOME. I pray every day that my friends and family get to have the same support and love in their own lives.

To end this post, you get a picture I took of an ADORABLE baby who was sooo tired one afternoon when I was trying to bring him and his mother in:

Pictures like this remind me that my job may suck, but at least there are foals to make me feel better! <3

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