Thursday, July 12, 2012

The doctor calls...

Today at work we had a very, very experienced and knowledgeable vet come to inject the hocks of one of our yearling fillies. She had gotten OCD's removed from both hocks and was getting injected post operation. My boss had previously mentioned that I needed to talk to this particular vet as he might have some ideas. I kept trying to get his number with little or no effect on my boss. :) Typical! However, the vet stopped by today so I helped out!

I asked him about Mr. Dig My Size after he was done injecting our filly. He had a few good ideas that I'll list quickly:

  1. Make sure the toe on his front hooves stay short. He said to square them off if possible and keep them short to prevent low heels.
  2. Make sure he stays a good weight, especially not too fat!
  3. Keep diligent about footing he gets worked in.
  4. Make sure he stays SOUND behind, especially in the right hind (hock especially) so he can keep weight off his front feet as much as possible.
  5. If all else fails, Digby is a good candidate for a long term chemical nerve block. Basically, Digby would be injected with a chemical in his hoof that would last around 6 months. It is similar to being de-nerved with less complications. Digby would probably do well with this because he trotted off SO sound when we blocked his hoof originally to take x-rays back in June 2011. I personally think of it like giving a horse Ace as a sedative to take the edge off vs a month long sedative. Similar effects, just different time frames.
My vet had mentioned the majority of these things to me originally so I was not shocked by any of this. She did not mention a long term nerve block though. Due to this and his current stellar soundness....

The hony is coming back into work. Officially. Whoo!

We will do this again!!! <3

I'm going on vacation (I know, I know... lazy! Haha!) until Tuesday so I won't be jumping right into this obviously. I'll probably do a week or two of straight hand work before trying to start riding. Ok ok, I MAY just tack him up and walk around. :)

If he goes lame, I'll try a chemical nerve block... barring I don't find a lot of horrible, horrific reactions to it via Google. Hopefully we don't have to try this but it's good to have in the tool box, just in case. :)

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  1. SO EXCITING!!! :D get yourself a hoof rasp if you don't already have one so you can keep up with his toes, it's way easier than it looks!