Saturday, February 28, 2015

The treat lady

This was my Wednesday:

"Oh! Are you going to feed us?!" (Note it was noon, not near any feeding times and they had mostly full hay nets.) 

Dino is like "hey lady, feed me." (Btw, this is his reaction to me every day and he is quite the sasspot when he realizes I have no dino safe treats!)

So I figured I'd be nice (for once, in his opinion) and throw him a little bit of extra hay just so he thought he was getting something. His reaction? "Hmph fine, I GUESSSS I'll eat the partial flake you just threw me so you can hang out with your own horse.... But only after I lick the snow for potential dropped grain from this morning to show that hay is not acceptable as a form of treat." :) this pony cracks me up.

Digby got to enjoy "real" treats and probably went back and bragged about it. 

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