Thursday, April 2, 2015

A day in the life

So I thought it could be fun doing one of the "day in the life" posts that I've seen going around! Since I work night shift, my days are a bit different than everyone else. :)

10:05 PM - alarm goes off. Much grumbling, occasional cursing, ensues. Check calls, texts and alerts on phone to see what I've missed this evening while sleeping. Check weather to see how cold it is going to be at work and plan what I need to wear.

10:45 PM - arrive at work. Eat whatever breakfast I've brought. Discuss what happened during the day at the farm with the employee who works 3 pm - 11 pm. Pet Skylar, the obsessive but lovable border collie.

11 PM - 3 AM - twiddle my thumbs. No seriously, I get paid to sit and be quiet. It's mind numbingly boring so I usually tidy the office and the barn a bit right around 11 pm. If someone decides to foal at any point in the shift, I call a manager to let them know and help with foaling process, making sure baby stands and nurses, etc. If no one foals, I generally browse COTH, study and do homework for my classes, obsessively check social media out of boredom, and watch Netflix/Hulu.

3 AM - check waters for all horses, make sure everyone has hay. Continue studying/netflixing/being bored out of my mind. Pet the (sleeping) dog. Usually eat "lunch" around this time.

6 AM - start feeding. Throw down straw so day shift crew doesn't have to get it. Turn horses out. Administer meds if necessary.

7 AM - OMG TWO OTHER PEOPLE COME IN TO WORK!! BEST TIME EVER! Proceed to chat their ears off. Pet Thor, the yellow lab, and usually feed him a treat/donut piece.

8 AM - done work. Drop dog off at home, go to class.

10 AM - class depends on the day so well call done at 10 am the middle ground. Either go see the hony, or do things necessary to life like get groceries, do laundry, cook so I have food, figure out college stuff, plan my life (bahaha), etc. Usually check social media and try to text everyone I have in my phone so I feel social.

2 PM - curse out loud. Usually text someone "damnit it's 2 pm and I haven't even showered, eaten, or walked the dog and I should be sleeping! Why am I so bad at this?! I should be able to get 8 hours of sleep!" Every. Single. Day.

 2:45 PM ish - climb into bed. Force myself to put down my phone and social link to the world. Sleep usually within 15 minutes, but then wake up several times, until my alarm goes off at 10:05 pm.

Digby and Dino today at 1 pm. They've obviously never met before (they lived outside together for months up until this last month when they've both been brought in due to the mud) and needed to sniff and squeal at each other. (FYI - The barns 35 minutes from home and I had yet to eat "dinner", shower, or walk the dog...) 

I feel like this picture sums up this turnout herd. Completely.

Pretty horses. :)


  1. DYING at the middle picture!! OMG so typical... Dino standing there wondering why everyone else is acting like a nincompoop, Digby and Charlie prancing around "YAY OMG TURNOUT YAYYYY THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER I LOVE YOU BEST FIREND!!!!", and Prince thinking he's some wild young thing. Yep. Sounds about right.

    1. Isn't it perfect? I was cracking up at them. I have several pictures just like this!

  2. Gah! Nightshift - you are strong!

    1. Not going to lie... It's rough. :) But the last mare is due June 3 so I'm almost done!!!