Friday, April 24, 2015

My horse is skinny, I've been eating too many cookies

All jokes aside, the vet came out for spring shots and we discussed a lot of topics. She pulled blood, we decided to up his grain to 4 quarts twice a day, as well as adding in alfalfa cubes/hay stretcher. I also started treating for ulcers, sort of as "just in case" option. He hasn't lost anymore weight but I wouldn't say he's gaining much. 

The blood work came back just fine so hopefully the addition of more hay in the form of cubes or hay stretcher plus treating for ulcers will help!

Digby is shedding a ton lately. There's a low of 31 (ahhh!!!) degrees tonight so his blanket is back on but hopefully the shedding will continue. He looks very handsome in his spring coat. :)

I also threw him in the round pen yesterday for a few minutes. I haven't been riding even though he's sound because he is quite skinny and I don't want him to burn any more calories than he needs to. Plus, honestly, is his saddle even going to fit?!

He just poked around, as I was testing to see his responses to my voice and making sure he was sound. He seemed to enjoy the "work" so hopefully he'll get some weight on soon!! I'm dying to ride! 

Also, I've been eating toooo many donuts and cookies so I've got a few pounds that I could lose from riding. :) 


  1. just found your blog and am catching up. Digby is super cute! hopefully he starts putting some weight back on with the warming weather and new grass!

    1. Thanks Emma!! I think he's pretty cute too :) I'd love for him to get some more weight on. Hopefully you're right and the warm weather and nice grass helps soon!