Thursday, August 13, 2015

Not dead.

Ah yes, I am alive. If you know me in real life, you know I regularly post on Instagram and fairly often on FB but I try to keep Digby related things here on the blog.

So, what's been happening?

Hmm. Ok. Digby's lyme test came back positive. We've started treating with Doxy. I give him a probiotic daily in the midday. He finished his course of Previcox but is still getting Adequan. He's also finally almost done his ulcer meds. We tapered them super slowly because of his move and that whole "acid rebound effect" that I've written about before but am too lazy to make a link for. I got him switched over to the barns grain, instead of buying my own. He's lost some weight as of lately which is a bummer considering how hard to worked to get that weight ON him. I'll keep tinkering with his feeding regimen. In a perfect world, I'd keep buying him the TC Senior but honestly, it's $22 a bag. This barn is nicer than my last barn and thus more expensive. I just don't have $22 a bag, when he eats several bags a month, in the budget when I dropped almost a grand in the past 2 weeks on him between the vet bills and meds.

Oh, and I blew a tire on my car last week. A tire that I had bought in July. It was just over a month old. This did not please me. More money spent.

Otherwise, I'm back to full time at my job (48 hours/week) buttt I wasn't supposed to be so I had previously made plans and got some pet sitting, dog walking, on the side jobs. So those plus my regular full time job? I'm busy. Like really busy. The hony has not been ridden since August 2nd. I feel guilty. On the positive side,  I'm making some serious cash! That vet bill will be paid off quickly. :)

I'm also super behind (haha weeks) in my blog reading. Sorry guys! I will catch up eventually.

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  1. Bummer about the positive diagnosis but hopefully he responds well to treatment and you see a resolution in all the little issues that have been bothering him!