Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I rode!

I visited a friend in Pittsburgh (aka my favorite city) over the weekend and had the pleasure of sitting on this little nugget. Luigi is an adorable Haflinger who was possibly wider than he was tall. He has apparently schooled some pretty serious dressage movements in his younger, fitter life. Spoiler alert: none of those occurred during my ride. I have to admit I was pretty pleased to be sitting on a fun, sane, solid citizen. We only rode for a bit because I failed to bring actual riding apparel and it was COLD. The temps went from 70 on Sunday to a high of 35 with wind the next Saturday. Brrr. I had a blast though and thoroughly enjoyed having a good brain under saddle. It reinforced my decision with Digby. 

Digby is doing fine, for the record. I haven't been seeing him every day because I don't have the enthusiasm to fight with him under saddle or on the lunge, I no longer help with turnout at the barn (I haven't since they went to day turnout), and he simply tolerates grooming so I don't really want to go groom every day. I'm both pleased and saddened by the fact that my decision to find him a new home was reinforced. So many mixed emotions. As for the new home front, I haven't found anything yet but I'm still looking. I put several ads out on Facebook, both in groups and on my personal page. I also printed a few flyers to hang at my local tack shops, although I have yet to make it to them. Hopefully someone will be looking for a companion! He's a great guy to have in the barn. I think he'll be happier being a pasture puff.

I think I'll be happier without a horse for a bit. I need some fun, no pressure rides.


  1. Luigi is an excellent haflinger name! He looks pretty cute :) I'm sure the perfect home will turn up for Digby soon.

  2. Aw I"m glad you got to ride something FUN! Email me the flyers if you need to... I can drop at Bucks, etc. if you want :)

  3. fun, no pressure rides are the best rides. Luigi looks adorable, glad you got to enjoy some time with him!

  4. Such a cute name! I hope you find the perfect home for Digby.