Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I know, soooo many posts in one week for me! Haha. Night shift does that to a person! I'm almost (so close) caught up on my blog reading so hopefully in the near future, I'll get back to commenting on yours! Either way, I went to the barn Monday morning with the full intent of TURN OUT. The horses had been in since Friday afternoon and it was high time that Digby (and the rest of the barn) went out. I got to the barn around 9 AM and the barn owner was not there yet. I wasn't sure what the newest horse eats so I didn't feed. Instead I threw Digby some hay and got to digging his door open. I had to climb over his door yesterday to give him water so I figured might as well dig him out ASAP. 
Trapped inside his very dirty stall that we couldn't get a wheelbarrow to due to 3' foot drifts.
After Digby was dug out, the barn owner showed up to feed. Digby picked at his breakfast... and then left half of it. Panic. I asked if he has been doing that and she said no but that he does tend to eat slowly. He pooped while I was there so I knew he wasn't colicking. Perhaps his ulcers are back? Perhaps he was just miffed about being in for 2 days? Ahhh, Digby! Some guys came in a Bobcat to dig out the house on the property and luckily we coaxed them into helping us clear out an area so we could get Digby and his turnout buddies to the barn. Once they're in the barn, it's a fairly straight shot (and less to shovel) to the close turnout paddocks. No one goes out in them unless it's bad weather basically. After an hour and a half of tractor usage, two trucks with plows and hand shoveling, we were ready to get Digby out. I wanted to turn him out first because they were afraid he was going to be bad and wanted me to take him. Honestly, since he had been in for 2 days straight, I totally understood their concern. Like I've said, Digby can be a real jerk when he wants to be and after days of inside his stall only, that's prime "I'm gonna be a jerk" time.

Digby was a perfect gentleman walking out. He didn't put one foot wrong. Color me shocked! Once outside, both him and his buddy had a good roll then trotted around a bit. Digby had a couple of good leaps and then they settled down, had a big drink, and settled in to eat the hay we had put out of them. Strange... and yet, good. I hung out for a bit, just enjoying the view and then headed off. I'll help put him out tomorrow (errr, today) in a small paddock and then hopefully by Wednesday they'll have all the paddocks up and running so he can go out all day again.

Of course, in writing this, I am worried that there's something wrong with my horse since he was not super enthused about eating and then was so good going out.... I will be sure to check his temperature tomorrow! :)

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