Thursday, January 28, 2016

Roll in ze snow

40 degrees today but Digby says "bleh!" to the snow.
Digby's temperature was fine, in case anyone was worried. I chalked his lack of finishing breakfast up to the fact that he had been in and I was there. Digby has been absolutely foot perfect as of late. I'm suspicious that someone is drugging him before I get there, hahaha. Absolutely ZERO sass, attitude or snarkiness. I haven't ridden because emotionally, do I really want to go there again?  I'm itching to get on and ride him but, also, snow. Lots of it. Regardless, he's been great on the ground! Yay. The farrier is coming this morning so we'll get some snow appropriate shoes put on the hony. He's currently rocking his usual aluminum wedge bar shoes, sans borium or pads, so they aren't exactly snow friendly. You can tell in the photos of him rolling that snow tends to ball up pretty quickly in there.

Not a whole lot on the Digby front these days... I'll post something other than boring eventually. :)

Roll, roll, roll in ze snow.


  1. ugh i hate the snowballs in their feet, my mare gets them terribly too... but somehow the timing is always all wrong to get pads put on

    1. They are the worst. I mostly hate when they freeze in there and you cannotttt get them out. I'm always too late to! Luckily, Digby is rocking snowball pads and a bit of borium now. :)

  2. ugh i hate the snowballs in their feet, my mare gets them terribly too...

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