Monday, April 18, 2016

What we've been up to

I haven't been posting too much as of late. Honestly, not a whole lot to say on the Digby front. We moved barns since my last update. I moved in the middle of February. Digby is doing SO MUCH better and I (so far!) love the barn and barn manager. She's been great about his care and my horse no longer looks 30 years old who's ribby with a poor coat and topline. The conformation photo below is from last week I believe. Not bad for Digby coming out of winter with no riding! I post often/daily in Instagram so that's probably best if you're looking for more regular updates. I can't promise that 75% of the feed isn't sunrises and baby photos though. Digby's real cute but even he's not newborn foal cute! :)
Best confo shot we got that day... Ignore the dirt. He rolled the second we got into the ring to take photos.
The hony and I have been hanging out mostly. I've been riding once a week. Generally, it goes well. Occasionally I get grumpy and angry that we can't really play. I'm trying very, very hard to just stay focused on NOT having an end goal riding wise.

Wild mane makes Digby look like he has a bigger neck. I'll take it!
In other news, I rode my childhood friends wonderful, most perfect QH ever on a 2ish (possibly closer to 2 and a half hours, we didn't exactly know when we left) hour trail ride at a local park over the weekend. We rode together as kids so I've known her for a long time. I actually had ridden her gelding before she owned him when we were in high school but it had been years. It's also the longest I've ridden in one stretch in possibly forever. I'm not really the long trail ride type typically.

Nerd alert.
I'd like to note that her mare is shorter than her gelding and she is still taller than me...
Although my choice of green breeches did little for his chestnut coat or the navy pad, I had a ton of fun! I started off quite nervous (um, Digby would kill me... For sure....) since we were going through covered bridges, up and down some serious to me inclines, and otherwise ON A TRAIL. In case you didn't know, I am a bit of a weeny on trails. Possibly because I rarely go on them and I even more rarely have such an unflappable beast to ride. By the end, I was more confident and I must of assured my friend about 400 times that her horse was worth every dollar she's ever put into him. We handled some bridges, rode past a dam, went through a creek, over some logs including a few that were "you should probably jump this but may be able to walk over it" height, tons of people/kids/dogs (including a yellow lab who was dying to run with us and ended up running with his owner behind us for a bit. I was panicking inside and thought FOR SURE WE WERE GOING TO DIE. Friend and two horses were 100% the eye rolling emoji at me. Spoiler alert: we were fine.) most of whom wanted to pet the horses and take photos.

All and all, it was super fun and I think wonderful experience for me to have a ride on something who didn't blink at anything. Hopefully we can do it again in the future! I expected to be super sore the next day but it wasn't bad. Whoo!


  1. Rock on!! I also kind of LOVE those pants... they are pretty fabulous! Can't wait to join you on D-money next time! :D

    1. I love the breeches! They're less neon in real life but I'm totally digging them. I only own beige/tan shades (ok I think I own a pair of black winter ones..) so I felt it was time to jump on the colored breeches train. Snagged this pair on the last time I saw a sale. I am not disappointed!

      Also, super excited for you to come with us next time!!

  2. That sounds pretty much like an ideal trail ride :)

    1. It was! I was super pleased with the whole thing. Can't wait to do it again!

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