Wednesday, May 11, 2016

2 year difference

Facebook has this charming/annoying "on this day" feature that I've come to love/hate. However, yesterday it reminded me of a time 2 years ago when my friend and coworker rode Digby. I saw him and thought, "huh. Well he looks oookk weight wise, but his neck is thin and funky. What kind of muscling is that??" So, Digby's been off (I don't think I wrote about that?) but last Friday the farrier was out and we tried a bit of a different shoeing situation. He is doing better but still not 100%. I'm hoping for an abscess. Because of this I decided to just hop on bareback and have some fun. We ended up having a nice ride! I do love the hony. :)

The bottom photo is from Monday. Yeah. I'd say he looks different.