Sunday, August 14, 2011

Apparently I've been busy...

Digby was set and ready to be jogged for soundness on Friday, which is exactly one month from having his coffin joint injected. Wednesday, in the midst of being attacked by grooming my assigned yearlings at work, I had missed a call from the owner/trainer at Digby's barn. Leaping into full on panic mode, I quickly ran to the end of the barn and dialed my voicemail. I was convinced I was going to hear the worst - Digby got kicked through the fence and he's hurt, Digby's colicing, something along those lines. Phone calls from the barn owner, barn manager, or trainer usually aren't good. Turns out, none such fatalities had happened. The vet had stopped by for another horse, they were outside Digby's stall, she asked how he was doing and wanted to see him jog.....

GUESS WHO TROTTED SOUND?! Oh, that's right. Dig My Size! *cue cheering* Of course, he's been going out in his mini pen for a while now but now he's legally allowed to go out in the big field with his friend named Toast, who is a huge, clunky draft cross and looks hysterical next to little Digby. We're supposed to start him out slow, an hour, then gradually build up to all night within a week. Did I mention Digs needed lip chained to jog?? In case you aren't a horse person, lip chaining means you take a lead rope with a chain attached and instead of putting it over their nose like commonly done, you put it under their top lip and onto their gums. (See image here) It's pretty distracting to a horse (can you blame them?) to have a metal chain on their gums. Is anyone surprised that this was necessary? He was actually describe as "tackling" the barn manager who was trying to jog him. I'm not sure exactly how a horse tackles someone but if any horse could, it's probably mine. Long story short, the vet suggested I start riding under saddle and it was promptly shot down by the barn manager and the trainer who are tired of Digby's antics in his little pen. Digby gets to go out first for a few days. The barn staff tried to gradually build him up, like the vet suggested, but even with heavy amounts of sedation, Digby is being quite the punk. We're going to drug him HEAVILY on Monday, throw him out with Toast, and hope he comes in alive Tuesday. I'm mildly worried by this but really, does anyone from DelVal remember how much FUN Digby is to bring in/turn out when he's not happy? Yeah... it basically equals death, even to experienced handlers, let alone the poor guys who work at the barn to do turnout and clean stalls and aren't as experienced with horses. I can't expect the barn to keep up with all his demands.

As for jobs, I've been thinking about what Digby's next career should be and I have it narrowed down to dressage (most likely doing this and easiest transition for both of us), western pleasure (he likes to go slow with a level head set), or driving. He's pulled a sled before so how much different could it be? Anyways, just hoping to be riding him by the middle of next week! :)

The fat hony himself today after being groomed. Note his defiance with "you're busy and not feeding me soooo I'm going to step out of the grooming stall. Onto the hose. With both feet. Na na na na na na!"

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