Monday, August 29, 2011

Mini series?

(I'd like to note that Digby and the rest of his barn managed to survive Hurricane Irene just fine. There was some downed trees and branches, and a copious amount of water, but no major incidents or problems. Hopefully the rest of the east coast made out as well as we did! I know from Facebook there are several people in various states that are still without power. I wish you the best of luck and hope your power comes back on soon!)

I've been reading horsey blogs for years. Honestly, years. I subscribe to them via RSS and get them in my e-mail. I've only recently started my own blog and while I find it pretty easy (so far!) to find topics to discuss even with Digby's lameness, I know that will eventually change. I've noticed a pattern. Many blogs, if not all, have mini series. For example:

- Andrea and Gogo at Eventing-A-Gogo have Sunday Success stories.
- Allie and Dino at PONY'TUDE have their PONY'TUDE approved tips. (Who doesn't love hearing Dino's opinions on things? He's certainly got enough of them! Oh and he's adorable to boot.)
- Jen and Tiki at Tails of the Off Track Thoroughbred have Monday Tip of the Week.
- Mugwump at Mugwump Chronicles has Mouthy Mondays.
- Jane and Hudson at The Literary Horse have Murphy Mondays. (CUTEST! BABY! EVER! I highly recommend reading this blog even just for Murphy Mondays because it's a weekly dose of cuteness.)
- I'm sure there are others, I'm just having a brain fart at the moment.

I suppose blogs of the non-horsey nature have them as well. Either way, the wheels have been turning. Maybe I should do a mini blog... but on what? I could showcase all the old horses that helped me get to owning my first horse, Mr. Digby himself. I certainly rode, leased and showed enough horses for that to last a while. But who cares, really? I could talk about various topics that are of interest to me (horse nutrition, different types of tack and their uses, the list goes on...) but none of which I feel qualified to issue tons of information about on a regular basis. Plus, if you're reading this, chances are you know what a flash noseband does and the difference between an eggbutt, loose ring and full cheek snaffle and why you'd use them. Not exactly ground breaking discoveries. Hmm, hmm, hmm.

So, my patient readers, what am I qualified to talk about for more than a post? I've been working in barns since I was 12. There must be some topic! I've cleaned stalls, groomed horses, tacked up for other people, braided, pulled manes, given shots, dewormed, ordered feed, dealt with vets, farriers, chiros, saddle fitters, massage therapists and equine dentists, set up jumps, painted jumps, built jumps, and done just about anything else that happens in a barn. Wait, wait.... lightbulb! I'm very good at grooming and getting horses ready for shows. At my previous job, I was constantly clipping ears and whiskers, pulling manes, bathing, body clipping, and prepping ponies and horses for rated shows, including HITS, Pony Finals and M&S Finals. In my current job, for roughly 4 or 5 months a year, I'm prepping yearlings for various sales. We can't bathe, can't give them supplements to help with shine or even clip. We're forced to use other methods to get horses truly "sale shiny." Plain and simple, shiny horses look nicer and sell for more. So, keep your eyes peeling for my experiences on grooming and show/sales prep! Now, to think of an awesome "mini series" name! :)

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