Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 goals.

2012 goals

  1. Get and keep Digby SOUND - He's currently sound. We just need to keep him there. I will have the vet out soon to do a yearly check up on him and hopefully discuss some options of keeping him sound.
  2. Learn better ground manners - This will come into effect once I start foal watching at the middle/end of this month and have days off during the week. I want him to be more respective. And, for gods sake Digby, stand STILL on the cross ties. This has been worked on every single time I put him on cross ties but he still does it. He might always do it.
  3. Keep a healthy weight - He tends to lose weight in the winter and gain weight easily every other season. I'm trying to keep him at a slim 5 on the BCS system this year to put the least amount of stress on his joints.
  4. Be more confident jumping - This one is for me. I'm going to start riding again when I go to foal watch schedule and want to start working on my position over fences more seriously. I tend to lose my leg over the fence more than I'd like to admit and it makes me less confident. It's not that I'm scared to jump, I just lack a good lower leg and sometimes I get a little nervous because of that.
  5. RIDE DIGBY - Enough said!
If all goes well, Digby will be brought back into work some time in May. Fingers crossed, toes crossed, prayers, jingles, whatever else that he stays sound. Ideally, I'd love for him to stay sound (even if it requires maintenance such as Adequan, bute, Isox, etc) and be able to do a little lower level dressage. Maybe we could find a trail riding buddy and tackle some trails to get back into shape? Digby definitely can't do that alone. He needs a confident, not spooky friend to hold his hoof the entire time. Possibly due to the fact that he associates trails with cross country... but I'd prefer the calmer, walking, trotting, a little cantering type trails.

Digby. 7/3/10. One of my favorites. :)

What are your horsey goals for 2012? What about your non horsey ones? I'd love to hear them!

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