Monday, January 30, 2012

No news is good news!

I've tentatively scheduled to see the vet this Thursday. I'm the first appointment so I should have time to get him ready and she shouldn't have to cancel or be late for any reason. I'm being flexible with her because I'm not a high paying client and honestly he doesn't NEED to see her. I just want to see her to discuss a few things and get a few shots. Not a big deal at all.

In other news, there is no real news. Digby's doing well. I've started clicker training him again by reviewing his old tricks (saying yes and no). I haven't been asking him to bow because the chrio/massage lady said it's really bad for his back. Understandable. Plus there's no good area to ask him to. I'm hoping to figure out the command for "stand still" this week. I've put in an e-mail to the school (that's where he learned to say yes and no in the first place) so hopefully they get back to me. He gets so overeager when working with the clicker that I need to convince him to stand still and don't move until I give the command for the next trick.

I also started working on his ground work. He's getting better as he realizes that omg, I HAVE SNACKSSS!! :) This makes him very eager. Unfortunately, I've tried this trick with trails and trailering and it doesn't work so we'll have to make progress with limited treating. I'm thinking maybe I can incorporate the clicker training, which he clearly understands and does well with, into our groundwork sessions.

Have a great week everyone! Look forward to a post about a fellow blogging pony and a vet update later in the week!

Digby, earlier this week.

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