Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The world of Dino

On Friday, I met up with Allison and Dino. You can read her post on the day on her blog which is linked above. Just a little bit of history, I rode Dino at school quite a bit. He was always adorable (still is!) but had a bit of "behavioral" problems. I say behavioral problems in quotes because they miraculously improved by leaps and bounds after the pony was put on a regime of bute. I asked for a vet to come out or even a massage therapist but given the limited budget of any school, it was declined. He was quite naughty and opinionated. He also had issues with sweating known as anhydrosis. 

After Allison got him, she has done a lot of work trying to find out what's wrong with little pony beast Dino. It turns out he has a host of weird problems (not unlike Digby), that include PSSM, anhydrosis, tying up and Cushings. He's been coming along great now that the majority of his "issues" have been fixed. He looks fantastic and is putting on muscle in all the right places.

Rules of Ponyland (aka things I learned while watching Dino):
  1. Ponies will be ponies. When you need them to behave, they somehow know and act exactly how you DON'T want them too.
  2. Sunflower seeds are delicious. (I knew this because Digby lovesss them... but another opinion always helps!)
  3. Dino and Digby must have guardian angels to have such wonderful owners who spend their blood, sweat, tears and hard earned money to find and treat such unusual issues.
  4. Being cute always helps. With anything. Any time. Ever.
  5. No animal is ever bad, naughty, or rude for months/years on end without a cause. One ride? Maybe. One week? Maybe... but probably not. One month? Definitely not. One year? No freaking way. Something needs to change.
Although Dino was not exactly the super star of the day (he was a bit naughty actually, see rule #1 above), I enjoyed seeing him. He looked fantastic, especially compared to how he was in school. I've seen pictures of him so I chalked up his behavior to the fact that he was just showing off his "bad ass pony skillz" for me. As if I could of forgotten them! :) I was unconcerned by his behavior. Photos don't lie Dino! Videos are even better. Allison and I chatted for quite a bit, talking about Dino's issues and Digby's issues and all the horses we liked at school. It was nice just to see Dino, even if he did wake up on the wrong side of the stall that day, and have another owner who works hard on keeping her unusually problematic equine in the best of possible conditions within a limited budget.

Sometimes you just need a happy ending and, although untraditional, this certainly was one.

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