Sunday, October 11, 2015

New vet

You may recall here where I lamented that I needed to find a new vet because my current one has deemed my new barn was too far away. Boo because I love my current vet! Anyway, the barn I'm at uses two vets mostly. One, who we will call Dr S, will never touch my horse with a ten foot pole. I've had too many friends/friends of friends use Dr S's services with bad results. "Bad results" could be a severe reaction to a vaccine to total misdiagnosis of an illness with drastic consequences. Either way, I'm not a fan. The other vet the barn uses we will call Dr D. This seemed like a better option and I've heard some good things about the practice. I called and got Digby set up for fall shots.

Old photooooo, always old photos!
I am actually quite pleased! I was kind of grumpy about the whole thing because, well, they aren't my old vet and I wish I didn't need a new one and blah blah whine whine. The vet that came out isn't the main vet but she was nice, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in Digby and I. Digby is pretty interesting given his history (you know, chronic colic, ulcers, blind in one eye, has been treated for lyme, has a navicular bone in two pieces, way too much chronic lameness...) but I love getting new opinions on his issues. She had a few suggestions. At one point she said, "if you want, you can ride more than you do. There are several options that won't break the bank to help with his issues that you haven't tried yet. Go ride."

WHEE! Love hearing that! I tried to keep my excitement under control since, those options may not work but that would be awesome. I miss having goals and riding my horse regularly!

In other news, Digby and I switched farriers in May when I moved to the new barn. He shoes some of the racehorses that my full time job farm owns. I was always impressed with him and decided to just give him a shot on my own personal (not racehorse) horse. I'm pleased to say that Digby's feet look the best since he's been back in PA. His heels are better than they were and his angles are finally even. Way to go Digby.