Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A photo update (well, and some words, obviously)

Much has been happening in the world of Digby. I fell off last Monday as you may remember so I took it easy last week, both as far as working and riding goes. I generally pick up a few extra jobs during the week, since my "full time" job has made me part time until the middle of August, but I either said I couldn't do it (like walking a very cute, very bad lab) or tried to do less (like helping at Digby's barn). 

Digby's new shoes
Digby got some new kicks on Thursday. He was in a set of steel shoes with a wedge pad but as you can (maybe) tell from the photo, the wedge pad hasn't been doing great things for his heels. My farrier changed him into an aluminum (ahhhh! MONEY! *cries*) wedge bar shoe, which is supposed to help with that issue. We shall see and more on that later! 

Ghost and Digby
Digby has completely settled into his routine of going out with his friend Ghost, coming in, breakfast, hanging out in his stall all day, he eats dinner, I show up, we sometimes work, then he goes back outside. I wouldn't say Ghost is his BFF but they get along well.

I hadn't ridden Digby since I was nursing my back but wanted to try out his new shoes. Sadly, I had the busiest days on Friday and Saturday so I wasn't able to do anything except work and work some more. Sunday had a high of 93 (or 95, depending on where you look) degrees with a horrid heat index so I made the adult decision to not work my horse.

The joys of trying to get a conformation shot by myself
Monday had similar weather but I was dying to see what Digby thought of the new shoes. I put his rope halter on just so I could see what he was going to think. He was honestly a bit of a jerk. There was some head tossing, grumpy faces, even a leap or two. I couldn't quite decide if he was expressing his opinion on the shoes or if he was a bit miffed at working. I'm not too concerned as it was still pretty hot at 8 PM when I was "lunging." That's used reaaal loosely, as it was about 6 minutes on the line with no gear to make him actually use himself. Maybe he was just being a grump about having to "work."

Lots of tries later and this is the best one...
I think I overdid it a bit yesterday as my back had been feeling a lot better (aka perfect) but it's sore again. I may try to ride later or I might wait it out until tomorrow. Waaah!


  1. I hope your back is 100% soon :) You did well on your solo conformation shot...I fail hardcore at those haha

    1. It was a struggle! I probably took 50 pictures... mostly all blurry or my horse looks like he has 3 legs :) my back is feeling good again, thank goodness!

  2. Back pain is no fun, I hope you feel better soon! Digby is so cute, it's been a million degrees here too so I'm glad he enjoyed not having to work hard in the heat.

  3. oh man, back pain + sweltering heat = no fun at all. feel better soon!