Thursday, July 9, 2015

Today by the numbers

I've got a few horse related blog posts on the way (ya know, still in my head and haven't had the time to type them out) so here's a quick today by the numbers:

10 - Jelly bean's eaten (I love me some "Island Punch" flavored jelly beans!)
9 - Horses I put my hands on today
8 - Miles ridden on my bicycle
7 - Times I tried to take photo's on my phone. The dinosaur phone, a 6 year old HTC Incredible because my iPhone finally died, failed to take all but 1.
6 - Houses I passed on a new bike route and thought "holy shit, I'd totally live there!"
5 - Hours put in at my "full time" job
4 - Unread e-mails.... from the past hour
3 - Wagons of straw unloaded at work
2 - Dogs walked
1 - Time I careened off the road on my aforementioned bike because I was trying to turn too quickly. (Don't worry, I'm fine! I may however need bike riding lessons from a small child...)
0 - Digby's ridden

Since my camera wouldn't work today, here's a Digby photo from 2010!


  1. aw boo to careening off the road!! and boo to shoddy cameras too, idk what i'd do without the ability to document every single mundane thing via photography haha

    1. OMG I'm going insane. MUST. PHOTOGRAPH. ALL THE THINGS!

  2. Aww he is so cute! Careening off a bike is totally my specialty, I feel like I'm WORSE now than when I was learning to ride a bike as a 6 year old.

    1. Thank you! He is pretty adorable. :) I'm pretty bad at this whole bike riding thing but maybe practice will make perfect?

  3. All numbers are good except for the zero :P