Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Goals

Hmm, so Blogger seems to have eaten my post about July goals... Ok then.

Us in 2010. 
I realized while talking to Alli last Friday that I really miss having goals. While it's hard given the hony's soundness and my perpetual fear that he's going to come up lame, I wanted to make a few (small) goals for July.

Without further ado:

Digby's July Goals
- Stay sound. Enough said.
- Work on building up our fitness. Since he had all winter off (thanks -4 degree weather and ice/snow) and then some time in the spring until he gained weight and thennnn our June lameness issue, the hony has been pretty much out of consistent work. I'd like to start back with lots of walking and then slowly progress. I'm going to play it by ear based off of how he's responding.
- Get out on trails at least once. Ok, this seems like a ridiculously small goal but hear me out. We just moved to a new barn which is a big transition and I'd like to get some solid ring work down. Trails were never my favorite event (although I'm becoming a fan) and Digby can be a big jerk on them. The new barn has lots of surrounding acres and trails so I'd love to get out of the ring as often as possible. With my schedule, I'm not sure how often I'll be able to meet up with others and I don't want to go alone for a while. I'm planning to go at least once in the entire month of July!

Human goals
- Fitness. This should read, "Becky, stop being a fluffy marshmallow and learn to control your body. Love, your horse." I've got a schedule all printed out and I've mostly been sticking to it in June! I'd like to keep it going in July.

What are your horse or non-horse related goals?


  1. We just switched barns, so I think survival is my goal for July :) Seriously though, I am going to share your fitness goal, my pony would say the same thing about me. Positive thoughts being sent your way re:soundness and a fun trail venture!

    1. Agreed. You can lump all 3 of my goals into one basic goal of survival... Moving barns can be really stressful. I wish Digby was calmer about going different places but honestly, he's such a worrier that it makes him lose his brain. If he stayed sounded more regularly, I think I'd start working on taking him to shows to just sit around and then eventually showing which would probably help with the "surviving" in a new situation goal. :)

  2. sounds good to me! so many of my own goals are small silly things... but all the same, unless i actually write them down and hold myself accountable they won't get done. good luck getting out on some fun trail rides - they really are so great when everyone's on the same page :)

    1. I totally understand! I've always had some ideas on what to do but I really think I need to write them down and put them out there in order to accomplish them. I'm hoping to get a week or two of in the ring work and maybe walking around the property before I adventure out there on the trails. I try to make it a positive experience, in the ring and outside but especially on trails since he can be a real jerk (ie: completely LOSE HIS BRAIN) on trails.