Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The vet news

This is what happens when I try to take photos of my horse:

Yeah. So that's why there are rarely any new photos of Digby on the blog. He's photography challenged. As you may remember, the vet came out on Monday. Basically, she just thinks it's his usual navicular issue acting up.

We are testing for Lyme and for metabolic issues, as he's been drinking a TON of water lately. We're talking like 3 buckets in 12 hours. We also started him on Previcox for 10 days just to help with inflammation and another round of Adequan. Spending alllllll the monies. He's looking a bit better after his time off and he's probably a .5 on the lameness scale so she told me to ride him if I want to. Unfortunately, we are having a heat wave this week so my schedule of being able to ride in the early afternoons is not working well when the temps are all 90 degrees or up. 

I should get the test results back in a week so fingers crossed there's no lyme or metabolic issues and it's just his usual lameness!


  1. good luck! my mare came up positive for lyme a couple years ago... and it was kind of a bummer but at the same time a relief bc the treatment works and she got better. regardless, hope all ends up well!

    1. I've had lyme myself and I feel like if he did, he'd be MORE of a jerk but you never know. I'd rather have the test done and say, OK it's not this or yes it is than wonder, "well is it Lyme?"

      Agreed with the treatment working. You can usually tell within a few days which is awesome!