Sunday, June 7, 2015

Digby, the failed racehorse...

As you may or may not know, Digby did a few "pony races" in 2003. Three to be specific. When I purchased him, I reached out to a previous owner and she gave me what she knew about his history. I thought it was pretty cool that I own an OTTB... who isn't tattooed... but technically he has raced. That's gotta be few and far in between, right?

When I was working nights this year, I had a bit of free time so I started to do some searching. I figured in this day in age, SOMEONE must have a video of one of these races? Surely? No? Much searching on Google and YouTube ensued with zero results. After some asking around on COTH (forever my favorite!) and in real life, I got a few names and sent a few e-mails to people who may be able to help. All signs pointed to HCP. I contacted them and they were super helpful. Since this was right before the Kentucky Derby and racing season was in full swing, they politely said "yeah we can look, we should have something, but give us a week or two." Sure enough, they got back to me and said give us your address!

They mailed me a DVD that has all THREE of Digby's races on it!! I couldn't figure out how to save it (technology is not my strong point) and I'm not even sure I'm allowed to, to be honest. I paid for them so I'm assuming yes? Not 100% sure on that. Please don't sue me. I did however snag this off of my phone, hence the wildly poor quality. I'm videoing on my iPhone of an already pretty poor quality (I mean, it was 2003 and it's pony races, not the KY Derby....) video.

Without further ado, Dig My Size, with the green silks:

He ended up placing second! Go Digby! 


  1. um this is actually awesome haha! go Digby gooooo!!!

    1. Isn't it?! I am so excited! I keep showing people the video off my phone :)