Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throwback Thursday (again!)

Throwback Thursday from June 2011, because it rained today and I couldn't ride soooo I have no updates on his soundness or new media of any kind. It's supposed to stop with the raining tonight/basically has now but I am off to go pet sitting for the evening so I won't be in the area sadly. (Side note - Look at our awesome saddle pad. Haha! I no longer own this as I felt it was degrading to put purple and hearts on a gelding. :) I'm sure Digby was thankful.)

Derp derp derp walk.

Game faces.

And we canter. No idea why this photo is blurry. I'll chalk it up to indoors being hard to photograph in.

I think we were changing direction...? Maybe.

He looks like a flipping hunter pony here but seriously, what's with the leaning Becky?


  1. i actually kinda really want that saddle pad now lol

    1. I got it years ago (obviously...) from either State Line Tack or Horseloverz. I think it was Horseloverz... Hmm. Maybe you could find it on eBay or somewhere if they no longer sell it?