Thursday, June 4, 2015

So much to catch up on!

So much to catch up on!! I have some videos to post from Digby's past. :) No more info on that yet because I don't want to ruin the surprise!

I also need to discuss his weight/ulcer issues...

Anddd need to talk about how riding has been going. But on that note, Digby was a hair off today. He trotted up to me at the gate like usual and I looked at him and thought "is he..... Off?" Not bad but enough that it makes you tilt your head and say "huh." So I brought him in, picked out his feet just to make sure there's no rocks, checked for any heat/swelling. He seemed fine there so I threw him on a lunge line and took him to the ring. Sure enough he was just a TOUCH off on his left front. That's his bad foot, in case you're a newer reader. His right front is more of an upright hoof which has its own problems but his left front is the one with congenital bipartite navicular.

I had noticed earlier in the week that he was maybeeee a bit off/sore up front but it was so, so minor and he worked out of it, I just toned our riding down a bit. Sigh! Horses!

Not sure if he just played too hard in turnout or what. Here are some things that could of contributed:

- just got reshod on Monday
- could of played too hard in turnout
- hasn't been on supplements for a few months since we were dealing with his ulcer/weight issues. One supplement he usually gets is a joint supplement
- could just be stiff/sore from increased workload

Sooooo, basically, could be almost anything. We're still treating for ulcers so I don't want to give him any bute if I can avoid it. I'll give him a few days off and we will regroup. Fingers crossed y'all.


  1. I wish they could talk sometimes... ! Hopefully he will sort himself out soon. :)

    1. So true. Although if they could talk I'd have to listen to my horse whine and beg for treats all the time :) Catch 22!

      I'm hoping he just needs a few days off and it will sort itself out. So disappointing considering he had YEARS of on and off lameness issues that haven't happened in 2-3 years.

  2. aw poor guy... hopefully he's feeling better soon!

    1. Thanks! Fingers crossed it's something simple.