Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ughughugh, life changes.

The hony and the "throw in a field" barn, 2012. 
Ugh, moving barns. My least favorite topic. I feel like I've been to more than my fair share of barns with Digby. I bought him when I lived in NY so he moved up there with me. When that job didn't work out (I was working 65-90 hours a week and getting paid for 40, yay for salaried jobs, yay burn out, yay so stressed all my hair was falling out), I moved back to PA. The barn I was originally at didn't work out because he was lame, we couldn't keep him sound, and financially I couldn't get away with dropping that much money a month on a horse who I couldn't ride. Add to it, the vet said to pull his shoes and throw him in a field for 6 months to a year and see what happened. 

The "throw him in a field" barn's turnout.
I LOVED that barn. He lived out 24/7, except for feeding times and in bad weather. It was a self care barn so I fed him exactly what I wanted to feed (read: Triple Crown Senior plus hay in his face all the time), he was out all the time which is exactly what we (the vet and I) wanted, it was cheap, the fencing was well maintained and it was super close by so I could see him every day. Sadly, it was not meant to be because the barn was leased. The lovely couple who was the BM's were buying their own home (not near this current barn at all) and not going to be leasing it anymore. The woman taking over didn't give me a good gut feeling AT ALL so I left and went to another local barn. A few months after, I moved to MA for what I thought was going to be "THE BEST JOB EVER."

One of my favorite Digby pictures of all time.
I was at two barns in MA. The first one was a good barn, I had a lot of coworkers there, it was in my budget (mostly) and well respected, but it just wasn't right for Digby. I was probably there for less than  6 months. I moved to a backyard barn which was lovely. Good with turnout, good with hay, quiet and laid back. Thought it was great! Yeah... but maybe not the best job ever. Turns out I didn't like working in an office, even if it was for a horse company. My inner introvert didn't like working in customer service/sales. Some things happened internally at the company that I didn't love. I didn't like how expensive the area was. After a couple years, I came back to PA.

Enter current barn. Alli from Ponytude used to board there. It's nice. It's just time for us to leave. I hate moving barns and feel like a serial boarder every time I do. That said, it's best for me and Digby to leave our current barn. I've been reminding myself of that for the past week or two, after I made the decision and gave my notice. I've needed a few pep talks from friends as well. I found a barn that is 2 miles away from my home (versus my current 35+ minute drive) that an old childhood friend boards at. She's been there for a while now and loves it. 

Pros of new barn:
- Quiet barn, seems very low key with no drama. Most horses are retired and above the age of 20.
- Feeds Triple Crown Senior already, which is great since he's doing so well on it right now
-  He'll have a 12 x 14 stall. He is able to see all the other horses in the barn from his stall. The stall will be nice in the cold winter months and has a fan to escape the flies in the heat but they're...
- Great about turnout. Horses go outside from 7 pm to 7 am in the summer, unless there is going to be severe storms. They go out in rain. No one melts.
- Turnout field Digby will be going out in with 2 other horses is 4 acres of grass. LOVE.
- High quality grass hay that they're happy to put in a small hole hay net in his stall. 
- A round pen plus an outdoor with decent footing.
- a 45 mile loop of trails right on the property, plus access to the neighbors 100+ acres. 
- My friend boards there so hopefully I can have a riding buddy PLUS get more media for the blog!
- Did I mention 2.0 miles from my house!?

I'm planning on moving Digby next Monday, the 29th, so I'll be sure to get some pictures of the new barn then! While I didn't technically give my current barn 30 days if I move on the 29th, after speaking with my vet and discussing Digby's ongoing ulcer issues, she said it's best to move him now while I'm still treating him with the full dose of omperazole, rather than treat him and move at a later date. What I'll do then is pay for the 2ish weeks at my current/about to be old barn that would make it 30 days. I'll also have to pay board at my new barn as well and financially, this does not please me at all, but it's really for the best. I need Digby's ulcers to have the best opportunity to heal while on the omeprazole and if the vet thinks a move is better sooner, then so be it. (Just please no major expenses for a few weeks!!)

Bonus picture from "throw Digby in a field" barn:
Not much has changed from this picture in 2012 to now. I'm still an idiot, Digby and friends are always adorable.


  1. The closer the barn the better! I have been a serial mover myself and I always end up happier when my horse is closer :)

    1. Me too! I love having my horse close by. I'm not sure if it's because it's easier to fit into my schedule or if I'm close by in case of emergency or because it allows me to micromanage even more. :) Probably a little bit of all of it!

  2. sounds like lots of good reasons to move! change is always stressful and i always fall into a cycle of self doubt... but usually we know when something needs to change. good luck at the new place!

  3. You're making the right choice.. as we discussed ;) Um 45 mile trail loop?! Can we come over and ride with y'all?!?!? I am hoping this is the last move for a LONG, LONG time for you two!!

    1. Yeah! 45 minute loop apparently. You can definitely come by, we'll be neighbors practically!

      I know in my heart that it's definitely the right choice, as we discussed. I'm hoping this move lasts us a long time too!!