Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June Happenings

So what have I been doing in June, besides not posting?! Digby has been oddly sound then sort of not sound. I'm terrified that he has Lyme, as that's a common sign. I'm hoping it's not (please don't spend ALL MY MONEY. GAH) and that he just was fresh in the field/was working too hard. I gave him about a week off now, paired with a few Vetrolin baths, and he seems to be doing better. The game plan is to ride tomorrow and see how he does. Here's an update photo of his weight that I promised last post:

As you can see, mucho, mucho better. Thank goodness! So finger's crossed that he continues to do better. I'm still hoping for a couple extra pounds and some lots of topline. I went down to the shore (Ocean City, NJ) last weekend so Digby got neglected while I was away. It was awesome and much needed for mental sanity. My friend's family has a house and they weren't going to be there so I swung down (it's about 2 hours away from me and only one $1.50 toll) and hung out on the beach. It was PERFECT weather on Saturday. High of 79, sunny, light breeze... Sigh! Perfection.

Noms. (Note, wild hony is not being held.... I clearly think he's going to run away.)


  1. lol somebody should catch that wild horse before it runs away!! good luck w the weird soundness thing tho, and i hope it's not lyme either. my mare had that and it was no fun at all

    1. Ugh, I had lyme myself and it was miserable. Sadly the ticks have been SO bad this year! I found a fat, attached to Digby's neck tiny tick (IE the potential lyme disease carrying kind) on him earlier this week so it's definitely a possibility that he had one on him earlier and I missed it.

      Hopefully when I go to the barn tomorrow he'll be sound!